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Education & Skill Building Opportunities

Education & Skill Building Opportunities

Vario Philanthropy Can Meet Your Educational Needs!

Looking for a knowledgeable, inspiring speaker for your next conference or staff training? Our Vario team has lead workshops and lunch and learns, spoken at national conferences (such as Exponent Philanthropy and Advisors in Philanthropy), and facilitated team discussions. We’d love to talk! Here’s some potential topics:

  • Giving Well: Strategies to Increase Impact and Personal Fulfillment – Through a variety of inspirational stories and instruction, learn concrete ways to achieve more impact and joy through your giving.
  • Crafting a Theory of Change to Drive Strategy – Learn how a Theory of Change can both unpack how you believe change happens and drive your funding strategy.
  • What’s My Giving Style and Why Does It Matter? – Identify your preferred giving style and ways to align your giving to achieve the greatest impact.
  • What Difference Did My Gift Make? – Designed for donors and foundations who want to become more savvy givers, learn how to determine the impact of your gift and how it is moving the needle on the issues you care about most passionately.
  • Engaging Your Kids in Philanthropy – Help mitigate concerns that family wealth can ruin the next generation by exploring the benefits of family philanthropy.  Parents walk away with concrete ways to introduce and engage their children of all ages in giving, including family volunteering.
  • Philanthropy Across Generations – Learn how to navigate conversations around the transfer of wealth from one generation by incorporating conversations around giving. Avoid friction by understanding how generational differences influence giving and how philanthropy can be used to build legacy, transfer values, and strengthen family bonds.
  • The Philanthropic Landscape – Take a fresh look at the nonprofit sector, beyond the standard big-name charities.  Learn creative ways that money can be used to impact the causes/issues you care about most deeply.
  • Spotting High Performing Charities – Move beyond the marketing gloss and identify those charities that are making the biggest impact. Learn the six key areas to assess when deciding whether to donate to a nonprofit.

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